Thursday, August 5, 2010

What day is it? how long has it been?

Oh thats right.. 19 days at PCMC. phew days are all blurred together now! Mariska perked up a little last night. Sams parents came to visit think she really needed her goofy grandpa to play and make her smile! She's been in a pretty good mood all day. Gets mad when I leave, but she'll live.

Mariska's Echo looked a little better from yesterday, Yay forgot if I"ve said that, but its worth repeating over. Her x-rays looked about the same today, we'll do another around 6-8 to check again.

Her plasma freeze today went a lot better. Theres a kink in her catheter line.. yeah not awesome. with some pressures it worked fine. Something will have to change with that for next time.

Mariska made biopuddy. Its pretty awesome. paint glue and magic water. really helped me became my lil stress ball. hehe.

My brother graduate's from the air force boot camp tomorrow! We love you Tyler and are so proud.

Thanks for the love and prayers. Misky could still use more post cards or letters.

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