Sunday, August 15, 2010

NPO day 14.

Tomorrow we go down for biopsy number 4. Keep her in our prayers and close to your hearts for zero rejection to go with the wonderful echos shes been having.

We also will have another tummy x-ray done in the morning. This one has been such a test, just sitting around for 2 weeks telling her she cant snack or eat ANYTHING has been heart breaking. I'm praying tomorrow she can start eating foods again and her body was able to heal its self.

I'll post again tomorrow. Night


Hope's Blog said...

I am definitely praying for great news today! I am also praying she will be able to finally eat...that has to be hard.

Jenny Lincoln said...

Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers for great news today!

Danielle said...

You guys are always in our prayers! <3