Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just another sunday..

Mariska is doing well. The chest tube site is healing up wonderfully, Her echo showed her valve working better, Just a little fluid to get rid off her heart.

She'll have a cath tomorrow, shes first case. for Biopsy # 2  Pray for Zero rejection

The 3k a pop IVIG drug look like it did its job. =) We'll really know if it did tomorrow.

Misky's PICC line is still having trouble. Had to flush it 6 times to get any blood return... The plan is to get it out while she's in the cath lab. Dr. E doesn't think the convenes of it is worth the risk of infection, no do we.

Her nurse is Matt again. He has nicked named her CoCo. so funny. he'll call her coco she'll say no I'm not coco yOUR coco. Sillies. =)

Wagon rides.

eating her 2nd dinner that night. Yummy pizza.

working out while playing bingo

Lunch time with daddy.

Crazy water free shampoo, that stuff is Awesome. ;) going into the camping bag. hehe

Playing with grandma and pa Anderson.

Chucky cheeks.

Going to her ECHO. Check out the tiny wheelchair, She wasnt sure about riding by her self.

Making a hospital buddy. Playing doctor, putting bandaids, giving meds, and doing an IV. Think it helped her a little =)

Cabby her dolly has bandiads on her face.

her food gets cut up to TEENY tiny Little pieces.

Washing her hair with water.

Playing in the kid zone. They opened it before anyone else could come, and cleaned it the night before so it was nice and clean. Fun to get out of the room.

borrowing toys from the play room.

Cuddling with daddy this morning.

Wagon ride with all her buddies.


Bruce said...

Awesome pictures. Thanks for those. I like the pizza shot. Loved the fuzzy head from the water shampoo job. :)

One Happy Heart Family said...

She is so stinking ADORABLE!!! Looks like she is getting better so fast!! I love ur little beds. Looks like you guys are at least comfortable. Well as much as you can be. :0) That pizza picture is so freaking cute!! Glad she is eating ;0) Praying things go great today. I am still going to try and come down. It's been super crazy around here. Let me know fi I can help with anything???

Bruce said...

Looked at the photos again. The pizza pictures got my attention. That things not being eaten - it's getting some LOVE!