Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Mariska's chest x-ray popped a red flag.. Looks like she has bubbles in between her intestines walls down by her colon.. Not common with heart transplant but seen in immunosuppressant kids. Did a 2nd x-ray of the area. The GI doctor is coming up some time to take a look. She cant eat or drink anything until this is resolved. Hoping we cought it early and that will only be a few days and not something longer.

I'm hoping its just gas, ;) cause shes been very gasses. not cute little tutes there like some guy in the family *not saying names, you all know who you are. hehe* tough her how.

Now her catheter for her plasmapheresis has bubbles too! I mean really?!  The nurse got them all out and all is well. Phew.

Keep us in your prayers. All the news is becoming so frustrating, putting her back onto IV meds at least all the ones that can be given that way. Over all shes doing well.


Jones said...

You need some steps forward. That is what I am praying for. I am very thankful the dr's are catching everything but I understand why this is so frustrating.

We Love you Mariska!

Jeff and Andee said...

I am so sorry! Hang in there! We continue to keep her(and you)in our prayers!


Summer said...

Praying for better days!!!

Love, Mason and Mommy