Monday, August 2, 2010


Today was biopsy number 2. Had a great night last night, pushing 7 hours of no one coming to bug us sleeping. =D Last night they put something in her PICC line and let it sit hoping to get it to work better for blood draws, So far I think it worked.. . NPO, no food before her cath. *thats normal ;)* didn't feel like we starved her this time. since it was over the night where she couldn't eat. Off to the cath lab...

After the cath was over we went down to talk with the doctor who preformed her cath. As we waited Dr. Everitt and the team walked by, hard when you hear them saying oh shoot. Then saw us, whoops. Oddly good to know they think its crappy too and not just something normal.. Dr. E talked to us and reviewed her cath results. She said it looks worst then the last two. Her pressures are high. Was 12 on the last one and now 25. Huge change and now her tricuspis valve is not working right also...

They put in a catheter port on her left upper breast area and then moved us back down stairs to the Picu.

Now they are going to put her on Plasmapheresis. Its a lot like dialysis, using the same equipment. It will pull out her plasma and put in new plasma to hopefully pull out the antibodies that are attacking the heart.

The Plasmapheresis will last for about an hour. Once a day. Maybe every day or every other day depending on how her blood labs look.

I'll call this more then a speed bump, but at least we are able to treat it sooner then letting her body reject the heart. Keep us in your prayers. I know Heavenly Father is watching and comforting her, I can feel the prayers sent for our family and the support is a wonderful feeling.

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The Simmons Family said...

Bummer. I'm so sorry. I know that it's common HLHS to transplant kiddos to have small rejection episodes and to need plasmapheresis. Hopefully this does the trick.. we pray it does!!

It is just another BIG bump in the road, but one you will get over. Misky is a fighter!