Friday, August 6, 2010

Kicking "Napoleon" Out ta here!

=-O its it really true?? We're stopping plasmapheresis.. or as we like to say plasma freeze. They could pull the line out today, but we're going to use it for some of her meds like IVIG and ganciclovir. Then we're pulling it tomorrow! It can be pulled once the blood thinner Heperin has been stopped for 4 hours. Some time tomorrow morning it will be taken out.

=) finally a step forward and not 6 back. *knock on wood ;)*

No more fighting with the stinky kinking tube. =)

Thanks for the cards Heres the address if you wanted to send a card.

Mariska Anderson
100N. Mario Capecchi Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84113

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Liam Lockhart said...

Hey, I just got all caught up to your blog! I am sooo happy that Marsika did well thru her surgery. Im praying you get thru these speed bumps and get to go home soon. My Computer crashed a while ago and now im on my moms borrowed laptop. I will be checking back to see how she is doing! You and your husband are so strong and Mariska is too!
Heart Hugs and God Bless
Sarah and Liam and Family