Sunday, August 22, 2010

18 days of NPO

Haven't gotten around to blogging. Mariska has been keeping us pretty busy. =)! 

Mariska was put on to a liquid diet, then yesterday afternoon she was moved to a low fiber diet. Still working on what is on that list. So far we've just done soft foods.

Mariska is LOVING having food again. She still wants chicken and pizza but we thought she needs to wait a bit for those.

Today she got to ride her toy car all the way down stairs to x-ray. Sam went with her today, think she was pretty excited. The x-ray tech gave her a bouncy ball and some styling glasses.

Her pneumatosis must be going down cause the doctors haven't said much about it. Just keep saying we're letting her eat!!

Asked Dr. E when she thinks we'll go home, just for a time line- need to know how many outfits have Sam wash and bring back. She teased me about me not wanting to know and just make it a surprise, haha. Asked her if it would be in two weeks she smiled and said I'd like to send her home this week while shes the head card for the week. *knock on wood!* Today was Sunday number 6!! really hoping we're not here for week 7.

Want to make sure I thank the people who have visited or bought us snacks and random things to make our stay better. <3 We love you and thanks SO much.

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Nikki said...

That's great! Please let me bring you guys dinner when you get home!!!