Saturday, August 7, 2010

Getting kicked out?

We pulled the line out today! =) maybe tomorrow night will have less alarms going off, or I'll miss them so much and dream of them.

We also took off the bandage covering from her open heart surgery. Its healed up very nicely.

After the line was pulled we put in a new IV in her hand. Crossing my fingers we dont blow out or it doesnt fail at least for a few days.

Theres talk of sending us up to the step down unit  today! From a heart stand point shes doing stellar. Wahoo. We'll move today depending on if theres a room upstairs for us or not. * The heart rooms are being taken over by all the other inpatients.* So it might be another night before we can get up there.

The only thing keeping us here now is her pneumatosis. Which might keep us here for days or weeks.. eek.

Mariska has been pretty happy today. Went on a walk willingly. Glad to see her get out of her room, had willing to get out of bed.

Shes keeping us laughing like always. Just a bit ago. She looked at Sam *daddy* and said *daddy's stinky, He needs to go to the bathroom" BAHahaha   Her normal one I have to explain to about everyone is "Take her" or "Help her" . I told Sam one day to take her, please I need a break. So now she says it all the time when wanting to be held. hehe.   Every day she surprises us when all she knows.
All the nurses treat her like shes 5 because she is so understanding. our nurse yesterday wasn't going to give her something unless she ask.. I mean shes two dont be so mean gesh. Its easy to forget shes still so young.

She is a such a miracle I dont know what we would do with out her and all the prayers to help keep her healthy.

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