Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The test show its still cellular rejection! and not her antibodies. Putting her back on heavy steroids to help get the numbers back down. She'll have another cath monday, an echo tomorrow to see if it helps. Her plasmapheresis or "plasma freezes" as we call it. some time tonight, should have been at 3:30 and its now after 6, Guess they have had a busy day.

Her test results only half came back so Dr. E had to get on the labs case on why didnt they do the full  pannel. Its done now.

Our nurse Tara last day is today. after almost 30 years with PCMC! Way to go! we'll miss her shes been fun to play with all day.

Now we just wait for a few days before anything happens. Thanks for the prayers. We're in 2507 if anyone wants to swing by and say hello.

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