Thursday, August 19, 2010

Run legs RUN.

Today has been filled with new information!  Started the morning with labs *love that PICC line in the mornings*. Echo was next, Misky got her first real blanket today. Love the simple joys. After echo we headed off to x-ray for her KUB *tummy x-ray* then back to the room for rounds.

Mariska and a different idea we came back then she wanted to go for a walk. Had to chase her down the hall with a mask. Silly girl was on the move. After about an hour, yes an hour of her walking around, its a miracle she has so much energy.

Came back for meds and rounds. The cards we're first. They reviewed her echo and x-ray. Said her x-ray looked BETTER!! Yippy! But is still not all the way gone yet. And also her Red blood cell count was low. 28. Should be around 35-45. 28 is the point where they go ahead with a transfusion.. yeah. She needs some more blood. She'll get it once it comes to the room. The cards are going to talk with the GI doctors again and see if she can at least start on a clear liquid diet!

Next was the transplant team. We are coming down on the steroids now. Shes at 4. This morning they went down to 3.7 and tonight it will be 3.0! seems like such a HUGE step forward. Once shes down to 2.8 she'll get the next heart biopsy onces shes been stable for 2 weeks on the level.   Shes going to need IVIG every month for 6 months. The next one is due before the 3rd of September *cant believe it will be almost September!*

Mariska has been a BALL of energy today. Hard to keep up with the kid and pull her IV poll. Phew. She is so excited she has the energy to RUN, shes running everywhere. My friend came after 10mins she was ready to walk. We walked the halls on the 3rd floor elevator to elevator 3 times, then walked down to the 2nd floor did the same thing. And again on the first floor and the kid still wants to walk! What am I going to do with all this new energy!!?? Its awesome. Cant get her to wait so we can put some pants on, Shes speedy.

Just before we went walking one of the card docs came and said we have the green light to start a liquid DIET!!!! There we're cheers for that news. So excited I was almost crying.


The Simmons Family said...

Awesome news!! I love to hear that she has so much energy!

Nikki said...

What a GREAT post! I needed some good news today :) I'm not sure how long we will be at PCMC today or if my husband has to go back to work when we're done but I'll call or text. Do you need me to bring anything? Does Mariska need anything? Toys, crayons, etc? Do YOU need anything??

Becca said...

Wow! It was tiresome to read how much energy she has. Especially with her red cell count down. It always perked our Ellie up to get blood. Can't wait to hear how she is after. Good luck with that.