Friday, August 6, 2010

Looking a little pale.

Lets start off with Mariska's pnenmatosis is looking about the same... so that most likely means 5 more days of being NPO ( NO Food for you!) I've told Mariska the kitchen is broken and they cant cook. She seems to be ok with that response. At least for a little while. She hasnt said she hungry Thanks to the lunch in an IV and dont for get the fats. ;) She wanted a cupcake yesterday morning, durning her treatment she wanted Cheese. So just something to munch on.

Her ECHO looked the same also, a happy place to be right now.

Mariska and I had a pretty rocky night last night. went to bed late, 3am for me about 11 for her. Couldnt get her lines to stop kinking. Making all of the alarms scream at us. Atleast to did get to go back to sleep after 7am blood draws. x-rays, vitals, and more xrays. Shes doing pretty well happy playing, not being the huge tease like normal but I'll take it!

They are thinking about pulling her catheter line, forgot its name. We'll find out after we get labs back at 2. So we might get lucky and not have to do plasmapheresis anymore!. That line has given us so much trouble its crazy. If your giving meds threw it you almost have to hold it the whole time, if she moves the wrong way bends her arm to long the alarms go off. We're crossing our fingers we can get that puppy out.

Shes back on almost all IV meds... feels like 1 step forward 6 steps back. Guess that what little bumps mean. bleh I'm done with them.

Her red blood cell, Hematocrit, is really low.. not shocking, We waste 10ccs of blood then pull what they need for labs, a few times a day. Not forgetting the blood she lost while on the plasmapheresis. Later today they will give her so more blood. Ready for her not to be so pale any more. Funny I've never seen her this shade kind of fun. Used to be more blueish.

She just had a sponge bath and is teasing with the nurse sticking out there tongue out. haha theres my baby.

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