Sunday, August 8, 2010

CSU *Children's Surgical Unit*

Yep we moved! now in 3080 chilling waiting for Mariska's pneumatosis to clear up so she can eat and we can go home.

Ran into Dr. E this morning. She said Mariska's ECHO today looked really good so they are going to start lowing her steroids medicine amounts. She also said she cant see the pneumatosis but took it to someone who looks at them all the time.. said its no change still, and maybe getting bigger.    So we are starting her on another antibiotic hoping it cures the issue.

Really happy to have a window! yay for natural light again. =) Think misky is happy to get out of the room also. Now we're just waiting to go home.

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Bruce said...

Good for you. Nothing like good old sunlight. Wait 'til you get her home and can go to a park. To quote Braveheart "FFFFFRRRRRRREEEEEDDDDDDOOOOOOMMMM"!!!! Hope its soon for all of you.