Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Still waiting..

Dr. E came in this morning after we had Mariska's x-ray and her ECHO done. Said the ECHO still looks good, And theres still no change with her pneumatosis.

The GI doctors also came in and talked to me. Said there has still been no change, We're going to keep her NPO for a few more days. 10-14 days. We're going to stop doing daily x-rays, so she doesn't get a ton of radiation.
At the 10th day we'll do an xray and again at 14. If its still there no change the GI docs will talk to the infectious diseases center and go from there.
Not the news we want to hear. Keep her in your prayers so she can heal and we can go back home.
Yesterday we changed Mariska's PICC line. Its been leaking and kinking for a while. I got to watch them shoot dye into her and watch the screen. Pretty cool. Weirded me out when her x-ray head moved. LOL didnt think it would be a moving x-ray. Guess I should have learned a bit more before going into the room.
Her Vain was to small for the cath. It would flush just fine but when you go to draw it collapses the vain plugging the cath.
Glad she has a new one with two ports makes giving meds so much nicer with out all the beeping if she bends her arm.
Mariska is picking up more energy every day. Wanting to walk a little more. She was pretty happy after she came back from sedation. I walked into the room shes joking and teasing the nurse, Nice to see her more like her old self, the drug must have taken the edge off.  Or maybe she just needed something for pain. Shes been off anything for pain for almost a week now. =)


likeschocolate said...

Will keep your family in our prayers. Hugs!

Bruce said...

That poor little pin-cushion. Still praying, still hoping, don't forget to take care of yourselves each other as well.

Summer said...

Glad to hear that baby steps are moving forward now:) Praying for a smooth recovery from now on!

Love, Mason & Mommy