Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Working on PEEP

Today they started a few other immunosuppressants. Added a feeding tube for one of the meds :o/  The Nurse said when she gets the breathing tube out she'll take that one out also.

Mariska is hanging in there. Shes not trying to sit up and remove things any more. She was a stinker yesterday.  Told her she can go home when everything comes off. Whoops once we left she started trying to pull things.

They turned up the PEEP (pressure inside the lungs) to try and stop some of the bleeding. Her heart had started sending feelers you can say to the lungs in search of more oxygen for the heart. Had no idea the heart could do something like that.! So they had to cauterize  all the vains to the lungs, Turning up the peep is like holding pressure on a cut helps stop or slow it down. Clear as mud? good.

Now the blood has slowed down and shes not moving and trying to cough as much. Looking to get that removed with one of the 3 chest tubes.

The pumps are drugs are all slowly being removed. Thanks for all the comments here and on facebook. Also thanks for the emails to the hospital.

 The next post will be pictures!


carolyn q said...

Sounds like you have a fiesty little one on your hands. That will only aide her in getting better.
Just wanted to let you know my thoughts and prayers are with you guys.

Danielle said...

She's doing pretty good for an almost three year old I would say, what a trooper! We will be in Utah on Saturday, would we be able to stop by to see her? Would Michael be able to come with us? If not we'll just leave them at my moms. Take care Anderson Family! :)