Monday, July 26, 2010

How many doctors can fit into Mariska's room. ;)

Misky is still doing well. Think she misses a full good nights rest, as do her parents. Mariska is eating more day by day. Today I didnt think she was going to share any of her breakfast! She ate her bowl of fruit loops, then I ordered her french toast sausage, a plate of cut.. diced fruit and a blueberry muffin. She did share everything but the sausage and fruit loops. hehe. What is she doing to do when she comes home and its no longer a buffet of everything she likes.

Last night wasn't as bad as the few before it. Just had her nurse in and out all night waking her up for meds, vials, poor thing went to be very late. Shes making up for it now by taking a nice nap.

This morning she had her blood labs. Took them a while to find which overly poked hand would be best to add another poke. Once that was done she headed down to x-ray in the wheelchair on my lap. Think she enjoyed the ride the most today.  Then came back feel asleep for a 20mins. Time for meds and blood pressures, O2 stats and the rest to be checked. Visited with Dr. Laura stopped buy and talked to us. She said we're just hanging out until she has her Cath on weds to check and see if cmv is really a risk or just a saftey step.

We changed some of her meds around. I'll remember the names better when I see the labels more often. Shes off of zantc and on something else like it. Silly drug should help settle her tummy but it just makes her well you know empty it. Shes also only on one IV med now. Just the one to treat cmv. Shes on a better time schedule now. No more 2 or 4 am meds. YAY!

She had an echo today. It looks good still a little bit of fluid and one of her valves looks like it is having some leaking.. we'll learn more about that on the cath.

The pedi cards came by.. all erm 6 was it? then followed by her transplant team. I was getting nervous seeing all those people standing out side! about 9 with the team. It was very overwhelming to say the least. Dr. Everitt is back from vacation now, so we got to see her again. She shes concerned about the fluid so we increased her lasix. She also said the CATH will be tomorrow.

        And the word HOME maybe weds! back on friday for clinics or home on Thursday and back for clinics on monday. Just depends on what the biopsy shows. time to bite nails.

Misky is still fighting taking her meds. some of them are down right nasty so I cant blame her, but its something she has to take.

Thanks for all the support!

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