Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pictures. Her old heart and the first day in recovery.

Misky and daddy Sunday morning. =) Just walked into the hospital.
Waiting room. Misky is all checked into the PICU and in the OR. My grandparents had there 60th anniversary on saturday.   

There it is. It should be the size of a golf ball and it the size baseball so enlarged rubbery and flabby. Should be a harder and structed. Its the size of an adult heart. Its stringy inside. Amazing thats whats been keeping her alive
All the burned spots are from all the collaterals.  You can see inside her heart better now. Above the hole theres two smaller holes. The one on the right is the Atrium, the one on the left thats Teeny Tiny! is her Aorta. Should be the size of a pencil but is the size of a noodle.

Matt, anesthesiologist Said when they saw her heart it looked like a wet paper bag. They'd touch her heart it would go all crazy. Its one very sick little enlarged heart.
Getting a chest x-ray. The cart out side is all the gowns, masks, gloves for the medical staff to keep on if they touch her to keep the gems out. The towers on the floor net to the tech are for the chest tubes drainage.
shes a little puffy but not to bad.
Her stats!! 95!!!! Had to fight back tears when I saw that. She used to stat 69 for a low 85 high on room air. AMAZING!
Her and all the meds.
12 hours or so after post op. perfect
Her heart rate dropped to 110 so they had the pacer on for a few hours last night.
her hands and feet are a little puffy.
Jessi my niece brought her some super cute hair clips. Misky has to wake up more to see what else =)
My little girl.


Aimee Hardy said...

She looks great considering all she's been through this week. What a trooper.

The pictures of her old heart are fascinating. Someday she'll be glad you took those.

I'll be up at the hospital next Monday afternoon and would love to stop by. I'll email you before I do.

Jones said...

Praise God! What a big miracle! It is wonderful to see pictures of her doing well. I will continue to pray for her.

Barb Pearson said...

She looks like a little angel! I'm so happy for you guys. I'm glad you posted pics of her old heart. It's truly amazing her old heart did as well as it did.

Little Bear and Peanut said...

Amazing. O2 stats at 95! If that is while on pain meds they may be even higher later. She looks great, but I won't stop praying anythime soon.

Melissa said...

So precious!