Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh Me Oh My. Please Please

Dr. Everitt came and talked to us about what the leaking of the Mitral Valve means, She explained that it is some type of Rejection of the heart  that is causing the Mitral Valve to leak and that we should hopefully find out what it is exactly Tonight when the biospy results come in.

The First Type of rejection that it could be is a cell rejection where the cells dont recognize the new heart tissue and reject the heart.  This is what we hope is the case. This is what they think it is so they are doing more steroids to stop the cells from rejecting it which means probably wont be out of here at least until friday.

The Other Type of Rejection is an antibody rejection of the heart. Where the antibodies see it as a foreign object and attack it. If this happens to be the case the with have to put her on a machine that is kinda of like dialasis that will pull the antibodies out of the blood.  We hope this isnt what is happening because she will have to go into the PICU again and for another week. Which will not be fun for any of us. 

So we are saying oh please oh please be the Cell rejection and not the Antibody rejection.

Thank you all for again for your prayers and support

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