Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hmm Posting the same things over and over are just getting boring. :P

 Now for an update. They took our her AR line *artery line in her wrist* YAY!! This morning during shift change. Is down to just two IVs. on her in ankle and the other on her left hand. Pacer wires, for just in case, oxygen tube, Three chest tubes and some band aids.

 Misky is still a bit of a grumpy monster. Ate a breakfast drink this morning, For lunch she had a popcial yum yum. Oh and 2  or 3 cheetos. She got mad when I tried making her eat a chicken nugget. *sigh* She'll come around and want to eat again. Soon I hope.

Her Heart is working wonderfully. But she still has a lot of fluid around her heart (guess that should be normal givin all the new space, things need to get moved around in there) So they are leaving the chest tubes in until tomorrow.. yeah I know the word tomorrow again... this is tomorrows-tomorrow. Guess not the right one. hope tomorrow will be the day they come out. She had another ECHO today. =) Got to see what a 4 chamber heart looks like. Yeah it was pretty dang exciting. The tech said she'd give me a copy of her new heart and old heart on a CD. Super excited. Will be neat to see them side by side.   She still has a lot of fluid in there but not as much as yesterday. =) they bumped up her lasix *just a diuretics) Hopefully that will dry her up so the chest tubes can come out tomorrow. Keep her in your prayers.

Sam got to hold her this afternoon! So jealous. My turn will come I'm sure. Shes having a hard time coming off of morphine and over to just Tylenol. Tylenol doesnt do more then take the edge, and morphine puts her to sleep drops her heart rate makes her ich, but takes the pain. soon we'll find the balance. oh shes away time to hold her =)!!


Michele and Marcelo said...

Considering how much smaller her new heart is inside of her, all of her other organs get to go back to the places that they want to be at.

So glad to hear that she is getting better and better!! Things are moving along just fine. Don't worry as much you two! Everything will work out just fine. We are always keeping her in our minds. I also have some of my Buddhist friends doing some religious things for Mariska too!

Bruce said...

I'd say if she has the energy to be grumpy that's a good thing. Stick that many tubes and stuff in me I'd be grumpy too - but I'd have eaten the chicken nugget. Sounds like she's Daddy's girl.

One Happy Heart Family said...

Yea for only 2 lines!! Does she have a NG for feeds? Just wondering!! Sorry she won't eat!! Kylie bug is going back down hill AGAIN!!!! I just wanna bawl!! It's getting so HARD. Glad things are going to great!! That had to be exciting to see the new heart working so well! I was going to tell you Kylie had a horrible time getting off the Morphine that is what kept up there for a couple more days, so they tried just Motrin. Don't know if Misky can have it? But worth a try to ask! The Motrin worked so well with the GRUMPIES :0J Well I am so happy for you guys!! I am according to the doctors "not" sick so if you feel comfortable let me know when I can come down???? We will be in Layton this weekend spending it at my in-laws so let me know if you want, no pushing ;0) Praying things continue going so fantastic!! Oh and little Misky gets HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY and eats those chicken nuggets, maybe if we bribe them saying "Well if Misky eats, then will you eat Kylie??" LOL