Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chest tube site.

Misky is out of the cath and back into the room and has some lunch. Her pressures are a little high, but are excitable for a newly transplanted heart. =)  While she was in the Cath lab they did an echo and put in a PICC line-yay for no more pokes!

Bonnie Clay looked at her scar and her chest tube wound. Said her scare is healing wonderfully. she put some strips on her tube site to hold it until she came around later. Leaked and they came off. ugh.... she stopped by the room and put a bandage on which is almost ready to come off. Really hope its just the fluid around her heart that's finding a hole to leak out of, We ran into Dr. AK on the way to see Misky in the PACU. He said hes not to worried about the leaking, and basically said the same thing. Hes going to stop by and check to see what it needs done and if the Wound team needs to come and help it heal.     looking like an open half an inch open wound now. =(

Shes on a new steroid drug, not new just back to the IV because her Mitral Valve is having some leaking issues, hoping they can get her blood pressures down a little to help. Also maybe a sign of rejection. we'll know more when the labs ...are done.

 Busy morning. 

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