Friday, July 23, 2010

We got a smile :)

We were sent upstairs to the 3rd floor around 2:30 Yeah up to room 3079. At first mariska seemed a little scared being in a new place but she soon warmed up once the nurses left and we got the First Smile since she has had her new heart. She went back to her old self and wanted to read books and paint her fingernails and talk like she used to.. Yippy.

Although she is happy as soon any nurse or doctor comes in she immediatly goes quiet and gets scared, (For Good Reason). But overall she is doing really well. Earlier in the day we both held her for about 1 hour in a half and it seemed to perk her up a little. Dr Kaza said that she still has fluid around her heart but isnt really worried about it sense her old heart was so big it was just a way the body is filling in the excess space.

Thanks for all your continued support and prayers it helps so much.

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Christina said...

Yea for the third floor! Hoping for continued healing and good reports.

Hugs & Prayers,
Christina from IHH