Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby steps.

Dr. Kaza comes around a few times a day. Kind of wonder when he sleeps. ;) He wants Misky to get up and out of bed 3 times a day. Last night was the first time she went for a wagon ride with the new heart, ha ha I know wait for it, I'll say that one a lot more. We had her walk from her bed to the door.. well the word for what we got her to do might not be called walking but keeping stiff legs and being pushed. Silly girl.

Today She got two thats 2! chest tubes out. WAHOO. Still has fluid behind the heart, Dr. K doesnt think that tube will really get it all but we are hopefull. Took her out for another ride. The cleaning guy came so we stayed out for a few more laps. Think it did her a lot of good.

She got both of the IV's out but got a new one in her other hand. at least she has the one off her ankle. Might hurt to bump walking.

SO the word Floor was said a few times today!! Waa really? moving to the step down unit??? not even tricked with maybe tomorrow? =)  They have to get the discharge papers, so maybe around 1, and a jokingly in 12 hours. Aw thats better sounds more like it.  **Edit We're waiting for someone up stairs to go home so we can move up**

Mariska isnt such a grumpy goone. She ate a little breakfast, which is a lot more then we could say yesterday. Speaking of yesterday. Told my mom if she wants to see her she has to bring a cupcake to get in, she asks how come, cause misky and I want one. Misky enjoyed a few blobs of the lemon frosting I enjoyed the rest. =) thats the first thing she'd wanted to eat all day. Thought it might hit the spot.

Found out a few days ago we have family here in the CICU. Crazy huh! Turns out Sams grandma's brothers granddaughter has a baby here also. I stop by now and then to visit. Shes got tons of dark hair, and is about 5 months younger then Misky.

Thanks for the letters. =) Thoughts and prayers. <3  We had visitors last night just when I thought there'd be none. so many in fact the transplant team called Sam to make sure everyone wore masks and washed their hands with hot soapy water just before entering the room. Feel loved. Those of you that wanna come just make sure your not sick or have been around anyone who has. Just a small cold could kill her. Not something I'd take lightly mind you. But dont let that stop ya if your well and want to visit. =)


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Bruce said...

Cool. Up and about. She'll be removing the rest of those laptop keys before you know it. Thank you, Lord.