Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Call!

The madness has slowed down enough for me to get a post out.We got the call from transplant that they have a perfect matched heart for misky!! <3 Amazing, So grateful to the donors family what a wonderful and painful thing for a parent to do. We'll always be grateful for today for this news.

 The call came at 8:30 we hurried got up, ready and out the door. Checked into the PICU at Primary Childrens in Salt Lake. Waited for a bed. talked to the attending physicians, met her nurse Laura. Talked to the nurse she had a few weeks ago she was surprised to see us back so soon. =) The transplant team was also surprised she was getting a heart so fast. Status 2 normal wait is 150-180 days. Shes only been listed for 35days. Truly a miracle. We have been blessed. Thanks to all the prayers, fastings, blessings, and her name being in the Temples.

When we got here they let her eat something since she wasnt going in until 4ish. FruitLoops, she ate all of them. Wonder if she'll blame this all on the food and never eat them again. lol

Late both of Sams and my parents showed up. Gave her a blessing of healing. After watching a few movies she feel asleep and took a nice nap. woke up when Doctor Kasa came when she had just woke up and want to happy. He went over all the same things as last time. Talked to the anesthesiologist Matt about all the risks before Doctor Kasa came in. Took her chest x-ray then Matt walked Sam, Misky Tyson my brother and I down to the OR. Gave her some versaid (sp?) Which kicked in pretty fast. He was looking at her trying to get a smile when she busted out laughing with a huge ol' grin. Then went back to being grumpy while they walked away. At 4:37

Now we're sitting in the Same Day surgery waiting room ALL to our selfs. With Sams Parents, My parents, Tyson, my Grandparents Browings, and soon to be my dads brother and wife. My sister Aleatha, Steve, and Jessi. My sister Tanya, her husband and two kids are driving in the morning for Washington. Gonna be a long night. Surgery will be anywhere from 6-10 hours.
Keep the prayers coming. I'll update as the news comes every hour.

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Vanderbeeks Images said...

You are in my prayers. So glad I checked my blog reader tonight! Please keep us posted. We have prayed and prayed for Mariska and know that she is in the Lord's hands.