Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Breaths of air.

Talked of today being the day she comes off the ventilator. My sister and family came down to the hospital today, Visited then went and ate. Almost took her off when we planned to leave but decided she was to a sleep. The nurse took a break then came back while we we're gone. Forgot to give us a call when it happened must have missed passing it on. oh well. When we got back she'd had the breathing tube out for 45mins. They pulled it at 2pm. Shes been doing great. Seems a lot more comfortable now that its gone. YAY.

Shes working on getting the pain meds and sedation meds gone slowly. Thinking the chest tubes will go sometime tomorrow.

Mariska can start to drink clear liquids later this evening. After shes hit the 6 hour mark of breathing on her own.
Things are moving right along.


The Simmons Family said...

Awesome news. It sounds like she's doing so great! We continue to pray and thanks for all the pictures below. I love the heart pictures!

Jones said...

wow! she seems to be progressing so quickly!

About Me said...

Congratulations Mariska! Hope recovery continues to go well.

Hope's Blog said...

Wonderful news! She is doing so good...proud of you little girl. I am continuing to pray that all goes well and she is home soon.

Djinni said...

Amazing! I will hope and pray she continues to heal well. Thanks for sharing the pictures, it helps to understand her old heart better. Her color looks good. I am so happy for you although it is bittersweet for the donor family.