Saturday, July 24, 2010

First night in he CSU

OY! Forgot you dont really sleep on the 3rd floor, the bed is just for looks. Last night was just stat checks fixing the pluse ox so it reads right. Giving her meds iv meds then flushing the line. Had dreams about the beeps around the room. Poor misky didnt sleep so well either. About every hour there was something going on, like having a new baby again! Misky had chest x-rays this morning, then back to sleep for a while, then meds, Nurse change, IV team for blood draws and a new IV. Dr. Tanee (sp?) came to check on her.

After a few more hours, she got her Chest tube out! the one thats as big as my finger. Also took out the pacer wires. =) 

Dr. T said the donor heart tested positive for CMV, So we might be here a few days longer then she'd need. To make sure she doesnt get it. Just something tokeep a look out on.

Her chest x-rays looked good. And now shes having an echo done to check on the fluid. She'll have a heart cath sometime next week for a biopsy to check for rejection. Keep your fingers crossed when that comes and pray or 0 rejection.

Misky heard a dog tag jingle and has been in a happy mood for a few hours now, =) really kicked in once the chest tube was out. Shes giggling, eating donuts, playing with toys and coloring. Nice to have a day where shes not a total grump. yay for smiles!

Fun having surpised medical staff saying she got her heart fast. =) Thanks for all the love and prayers.


One Happy Heart Family said...

Thats so great you are on the floor. Sucks about the crazy night thing though!! Glad she is getting everything OUT!! Thats got to make for a happy camper...... Let me know if you need anything?? :0J

Mike and Rebecca said...

Awesome news !!! I'm glad she doing well enough to go to the floor. She looked so good when we saw her, we knew it wouldn't be long. Our prayers are with her as she continues to recover.

The Patton Family