Monday, October 7, 2013

Sick belly aching little girl

Keep Mariska in your prayers. She has been really sick.
She has had diarrhea for 12 days, started throwing up 6 days ago. She has lost a good 7lbs.

We're at the hospital now trying to get her dehydrated and her medication levels back under control.  Her prograff was 17 should be 5-8.  Her cellcept was .5 should be 2-4.  Cellcept can have all of the side effects she has show.

Shes getting maintance fluids for the last 2 hours and 30mins before that.

Her heart looked and sounded great.

Her white blood count doubled over the weekend. So did the labs effected by diarrhea and lack of eating.

So far looks like it's not rejection but just a really bad GI bug. 

Kind of excited to make a post from my phone!

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