Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Results are in

Ugh had this post almost done took a break and it's gone. Here we go again.

A positive culture came back positive for  .....Cryptosporidium...

Remember it from a few years back? Its the one that closed down All swimming pools in Utah only to reopen after they installed a miro filter. yeah the one caused by kids swimming with diarrhea.

Normal healthy humans need no treatment for this, just a diarrhea for a day or two and your better. Mariska is maybe the only 2nd heart transplant kid to even get it! She's so lucky or unlucky.  Its another bug not killed by hand sanitizer. Warm soapy water is the best bet.

You can pick this up from a bad water source, lakes, or swimming pools normally.

We had a blast this summer with season passes to lagoon. Which is where i think she got it. Over a month ago. We also went to a hot spring in Idaho and to cherry hill not to rule them out. But lagoona beach.was the only one not to enforce swim diapers and diaper cover.

We are amitted to the 2nd floor. J pod room 58. She has a pretty nice view. Im looking forward to tonight.

We met with 6? Doctors maybe more so many nurses and techs.  Most were med students asking for history along with other questions.
Talked with a doctor with the CDC. They are working on prevention, she informed me of what meds and time frame.  I might even get a call from the Department of healthy. Ha kind of nerves for that one.

She gets to start an anti parasitic drug tonight. For 2 weeks twice a day. Normal unlucky people get it for 3 days. Darn precautions i tell ya. If at two weeks she's not negitive she will take it for 2 weeks.
The drug she'll get itsnt asorbed well into the body so its only bothering its taget.   After watching the Monster Inside of Me on TLC a few weeks ago we wondered . Yuck!

Good news. We can go home once she can keep her self hydrated. Tomorrow is the hopeful plan. She's still only eating a handfull of bites. So tomorrow might be pushing it.

Hardest part was hearing she will be banned from the play room. Broke.the girls heart! maybe someday she'll get to play there.   The new changes here are wonderful! Especially the Ronald McDonald house. Wow! So calming.

Keep the prayers coming and for some of our heart friends at the hospital with us.

Kyies mom Chrissie and her youngest son came and visited for a while. It was so good to visit ad recharge batteries. We miss them and think of that spunky girl all the time.

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