Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sweet dreams?

Glad the phlebotomist woke me before Mariska.   Guess they want more blood then 3mils this morning.
    IV Team is getting to reknow us pretty fast.        Forgot this place wakes you up more then a new born babe.   Im sure blood shot eyes are just the welcoming party to life. Forgot what the every 4 hour vitals are like.    I should have something smart to say after rounds. For now its ramblings of a sleep mother. 

TMI alart here.   The nurse said Mariska's bathroom runs smell like a viral infection. Which is loads better then a bacterial.  

She was able to keep her pancake dinner down. Wahoo for agreeable foods.

Am I mean for convincing mariska that eating sugar makes her sick. Ha. When she doesnt feel well she wont eat anything overly sweet. She's so strong and full of wisdom. I've always told her she was born with an old sprit.  I know she forgets to be a kid. Good thing Kamiah makes her laugh.

Kamiah can't visit for a while, she thinks it's funny to make gagging/throwing up sounds! She's a gem for it.  So hard not to laugh!!

Sam is staying home with Kamiah tomorrow. Guess his new job has more free time then planned.

Hey! Sam got a promotion.  :o)  he now does what I call the programming grunt work. Hehe finally a step into the right field. Way to go babe.  

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