Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I think.. Not

Mariska's team came by. They talked about sending he home and having us call Thursday with a check in.    Also to stop cellcept.

That changed when she got sick after they got here. She can't say in RTU (rapid treatment unit ) longer then 23 hours. They asked me what I think.   Since she's still in a lot of pain and cant keep anything in. I feel shes better off here to stay hydrated.   I had also planned to stay until Wednesday. They laughed. Looks like we earned a room on the floor.   Just waiting for a few discharges.  

Mariska had a tricky blood draw but finally got it working. She was doing ok this morning.   About 30 mins after her meds and the anti nausea she went really white for about am hour until she got sick again. Blah. She needs to feel better. She has been so sick for 2weeks tomorrow.

Thanks for the prayers. Its helped us deal with life here and is keeping her brave.

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