Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Mariska was discharged lafter lunch time.   Since she's not on iv fluids she can do the same recovery there as home.

She shared a lunch with her sister. Made her eat with the fear Kamiah would eat all her lunch. Still got a little sick. Sam and I wonder if its more of a mind game now.

Kamiah and Daddy (Sam) came up today. Was nice seeing them again. Was only a few days but we all missed life together.   Kamiah finished painting a few pixtures and wooden bird. She was in heaven.. Guess we should do more of that at home.  

Mariska's Kindergarten class made a get well poster and all signed their names with out help. Mrs. Bradshaw was very proud of them. She really got lucky to such amazing teacher! One of Mariska's friends told the class Mariska was in the hospital. She didnt want to believe it until she thought back, im sure me asking 3 times a week if misky said any thing about her tummy hurting the week before. She's called us everyday this week to see how she felt.

Her class also gave her a little stuffed cat. We thought we forgot him sleeping at the hospital but found him in the car. Phew all is well now.
Mariska's little friend, the same who told her teacher. Brought over her homework and a little gift. Once Mariska woke up from her 3 hour nap she got busy coloring. It's so nice staying put in one town long enough to build friendships. Was one fear I had about her starting school. Dont let her shyness fool you she is super social.

Mariska ate a little dinner and has drank enough for me to finally feel gokd about coming home.

Cardiology transplant, (really need a shorter name) wants labs Friday and Monday.  Prograff is still super high. Lowest was 13, was 17 again this morning. Guess that will work with the pharmacy only having 6 days of the new med.

Here's a bunch of photos. Best thing about posts from a phone quick photos!

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