Friday, October 25, 2013

Heart pictures

Here's Mariska's "old" heart!  Pathology said they keep all of the hearts (guessing transplant) they did a study on hers something about echos and how they read dense scar tissue. Her left side is tiny about the size of a thumb nail. He old us no one really comes to see their hearts after the year mark.   He has hearts dating back to 64'. Blows my mind. Guess as they get older they become more pink again too. 

Mariska hakf a sleep when they dropped by and wanted nothing to do with it. So I make her take a photo with me. :o)    she hasnt been she self this stay. The meds are making her super tired and she's still a little sour about no play room again.

Her class had a field trip today, breaks my heart but there will be others. She will miss another week of school and might get to go back on the 30. Im on the fence about her going to her class Halloween party. Time will tell. 

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