Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day one rejection?

Huh what?! But but but, huh? I mean really??   Ugh. They have started her on the give scary IV steroids today, tonight all the because you do this you need them also. Anti fungal, anti-acid etc.    Her belly was super bloated again, KUB (xray) is fine. Echo looks great, prograff is finally back to normal! Wahoo. Then her jugular.. The big vains in you neck is boldging (is that a word) three others came to see since they weren't sure what it even ment. You can see her pulse on her neck a little to clearly...  

Rejection 101 (correct me if I'm wrong other heart mommas)
First tell there's rejection going on is your jugular is pulsing..  Others are cbm (blood)   echo, and the only for sure and to tell what kind and how bad is a heart cath.

She will get a un expected heart cath tomorrow she is 2nd case. (will be three surprise your in rejection kids too.)

Keep her in your prayers, well all of us. It's so easy to go crazy here. Its best game of hurry and wait. 

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