Monday, October 14, 2013

More school days missed.

Breaks my heart. Mariska is so sad she's missing another day of school.    She's still having a hard time. Took her to PCMC again today for another blood test to check her medication levels.

Friday they came down a little. From 17 to 10. Not her target range of 5-8. Still pretty high but not in danger of hurting other organs.

The health department doesnt want her in school until her diarrhea stops.  Feels like she has been sick forever. 3 weeks is such a long time.
The doctors and transplant said she can go back when she's ready. Along as she is good about hand washing.  I tried to talk her into it today. but she looked a little green. :( she looks so frail, her sholder bones are still sticking out. Gain weight sweet heart.   She's been a good trooper but is ready to feel better and go back to school.

Her school has been great and worries about her. They ask all the time if there's something they can do.. I really cant think of anything, other then homework.

Highlight of going to the hospital is looking for booboo the contraction bear. He's always hanging out of the new out patient hospital.   Grandma and I are ready for the contraction to be finished.

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