Monday, August 26, 2013

Kindergarten is here!!

Time is flying by so quickly. I love staying home with the girls they keep me on my toes most of the time but being busy is fun.

Mariska started Kindergarten today!! I never dared to look this far into her future when she was younger. Mariska you have become such a sweet obedient loving little girl who loves to play with everyone. You are a very thoughtful person always thinking of others and how you can help. I love your sweetness you bring to our home.  I call you my serious kid because you take a little longer to warm and open up to others. Your sister loves everything about you, the best parts of my day are watching the two of you play. Kamiah copies everything you say wear and do. We love you!

Your favorite color is PINK

Your favorite movie is Tangled and The little Mermaid

Favorite number is 9

I want to be a Chef when you grow up

Favorite food is Pizza

Favorite dessert is raspberry pizza

Favorite Candy sixleties

Favorite things I did this summer. Played with friends, Lagoon, Cherry Hill, Camping, Playing with Cousins, Swimming at grandma and Grandpa B's pool and learned to swim, Sidewalk Chalk,

Favorite Song is "Welcome to school" from preschool

Favorite toy Ariel and carebear elephant

Favorite book Princess collection comic book.

Favorite game Wii Birthday Bash, Mario Party 9. ABC Mouse.

    After Breakfast munchies (Mariska made a snack, Diced up peaches with chocolate sprinkles or sparkles as she calls them.)

 Clothing all picked out for Mariska's first day of KINDERGARTEN

 Pictures Pictures and MORE pictures. She's cute so I posted a ton. :o)

 Learning time.

 Making Name tag necklaces for the first solo day on the 2nd.

 She has a locker! I'm socked. She's a little too short for the top row. But hat didn't stop us from trying to open it!

 Decided to share a locker with a friend. Have a friend from Church in class too!
 Mariska and Mrs Bradshaw

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Shelise said...

She's so cute in her uniform. And I LOVE Mrs. Bradshaw! But I don't her as a teacher, just a friend. So fun!