Friday, February 1, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy 2013

Where to start seems to be the thing to say after months of not blogging. Last night I went to a stake relief society  meeting. We first started with a talk from our stake pres. then broke into groups to do workshops. I learned three things.

One making bread does not matter in what order you make it... yeast first or last, let it raise once or twice, it still makes great bread!

Two Working to keep traditions, Having things you do over and over, teach your kids about generations back and what things they liked.

Three. Digital scrapbooking to help keep a record of today. My favorite thing I took from this class was... Every time you take a photo on your camera or phone WRITE it down on paper all the details, the who where and when. Also what photo numbers and where you load it. That way when you go back to scrap you dont have to sit and think, how old, where, and when. :o)

I have been thinking of spitting this blog into two. Keeping this one up just for updates on Mariska and a new one for all the events and fun things we do as the Anderson Family.  Sam has been asking if I want to go back to school... I have mixed fillings, I dont want to..atleast not until I allowed to sleep all night. And I dont really know what for. I have said I'd love to be a payed blogger. Baby steps right?  This will be a challange for me in its self. I not the best with my words, I have yet to develope the talent of photo taking. But we all start somewhere. Here's to tomorrow.

Now on to the updates.

We had a great Christmas! *photos to come?*
 Mariska has been asking Santa for a car, a very pink one. Well this year he finally filled the request! She didnt know what to think. For remembering later.. here's a funny story about her car.   Black friday had a good deal. So we had it mailed to My parents, thinking it would be safe and she would never know or see. The day it came which was not the day we had expected, we we're watching Austin my parents neighbor family friend, He has Down Syendrom and just needs someone to be around give him something to do. We had just gotten done shopping with grandma, she dropped us off since we we're running late and I didnt want to miss his bus. As we pulled Austins driveway the BOX! with a pink picture of a car was at my parents door step! EEEK. Mariska got excited since she could tell. whoops! We I think covered it up pretty well. HA or she is just playing along. Santa has just become a big deal around here. I asked things like

"why would grandma get a box for you there? if it was for you wouldnt it have just come to our house?" "oh its just a tool box for grandpa"
 "mom its pink!"
 "no its just faded red."

 HA so grandpa got a pink tool box for Christmas. He says all the mechanics are going to be jealous of his christmas gift." funny dad.. funny.

We have LOVED having a house for the holidays. Its so nice to paint or change something and not have to recover it. Sometime I'll post pictures of Mariska's very cute room. Once I do all the finishing touches or atleast some of them.

Since Christmas we haven't had a day over 32f  for two weeks it never got above 10f It was COLD.  We have gotten almost 2feet of snow.. but its fluffy powered and will not hold. Hoping to get some snow she can make a snowman. We love our snowpeople.

Mariska had a transplant check up yesterday.
Everything looks great!!  one of her anti rejection meds was a little high so we'll recheck it next week.

Mariska has started Preschool. Better late then never? I gave up doing it at home. She needs to play with other kids. Saying she loves it does not cover how she feels. We count down the days, hours and minutes until she goes again! She just had her first field trip this week to the Tree house museum. I love seeing her with a hunger for learning. So cute.

Mariska is still in Dance. She dances with Studio 48 in Roy. I love watching her class dance, something about little girls big skirts, fun music, and the giggles.

She is a growing weed I love watching her become a little lady.

Kamiah has been busy. She cut 3 of her molars in one week along with a new bottom tooth. Her hair has started to become curly, little ringlets when its done. I cant help my self I love playing with them.

Kamiah loves telling everyone she meets "Hi" or "Whats that?" "who's that?!" in her sweet little toddler voice.  her newest thing has been climbing onto the sofa and face planting over the edge to the next one. Oy!. My little baby is growning up into a little monkey!   She enjoys putting our dogs food into his water dish. Looking out the window and watching everyone shovel the snow. Her favorite game is Peek a BOO.

Kamiah has walking down and likes to run or walking really fast. She is a pretty good sleeper. Loves her naps and goes right down. Such a blessing since sleep for Mariska was always a fight, Always tired and worn out made it hard to listen to her body.

I have been called as the 12th Ward Nursery Leader. I really enjoy it... other then feeling like I know nothing fun to do with them! We had 35 kids with about 18 every week. Now we have about 8 who come every Sunday. I love being with the little smiling baby faced kids.

Sam is still going to school. His never ending school years. He is loving his job. Lately we have talked about why he didn't get the "big" job and ended up with his back up one. One of his coworks does Energy work readings? not sure what to call it. She has helped us a ton. We know he got that job so we would meet her. Funny how things you need happen when you need them. Who knew issues in your family could be passed down 55 generations!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and hoping your having a great new year so far!

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