Monday, February 18, 2008

7 Reasons I am Happy to be a Mom to a Child with CHD.

7 Reasons I am Happy to be a Mom to a Child with CHD. No parent is happy to receive a diagnosis of CHD, but CHD is not a death sentence.
1. I don't sweat the small stuff any more (or as much)
2. I snuggle a little longer at night when I tuck my kid in
3. I have met some WONDERFUL people
4. I have a stronger faith and better relationship with God
5. I am more thankful for what I have and have found that I want less
6. I have found strength that I never knew I had
7. I appreciate life so much more


Djinni said...

I can completely agree with all seven reasons. I am a better person because of what I have gone through. It has completely opened my eyes. I am so thankful for all of the people I have met through my journey with my son Isaac. I believe I will be more sucessful in Gods eyes now, although I still have a lot to change.

Vanderbeeks Images said...

at first, you'd almost trade anything for your health. You realize that diamonds really don't amount to much when you will leave them behind anyway. It's the memories that count, your relationships, and how you treat people even when they are being difficult. It's about how you feel deep down inside about yourself and how you've lived and treated others - less about what others have done to you. And it's about how your trials strengthen you. It's about turning toward God when your trials hit, not away from Him that really matters. After all, he holds all the answers. It's about finding the silver lining in EVERYTHING and learning to be really happy about it! It's about not asking 'why me?' but asking 'what can I learn from this?' It's about surviving as much as you can and leaving the rest up to Him. We can learn from each other and become better because of it. Cherish the little things each day. We just never know what tomorrow holds. Love ya girl!

Brynn said...

We just added Mariska to Alex's heart buddies so we can check in on her progress...I am so happy to hear she is doing well...