Thursday, February 14, 2008

What a day...

I had Sam stay home to help me with Misky, the cards want us to fortify her milk again cause they want her to gain more weight, like Sam said in the last post. I feel so bad for her it smells so nasty. blah. poor kid. So she cries cause shes hungry, cries cause she doesn't want the fortifed crap, then cries cause she has air bubbles and she's still wants to eat. yeah a lot of crying. And we just got her to start eating a lot, feels like we have to start all over AGAIN, makes me want to cry when she cries. yeah its been a long day. Sam's going to get us ice cream. :D

Love Melynda.

ps Happy CHD awareness Day! and Valetines Day!

(Pictures. Shes happy and ready for lovin')


Mike & Rebecca said...

It was nice to meet you at the hospital, thanks for coming. Have you moved yet?

Hugs, Mike

helena77 said...

Hey guys. She is so Cute!! Thanks for sending us the link for her blog. We love seeing pictures of her and hearing your storys.
Love you all.