Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our visit to Cardiology

So we had the long awaited appointment with Mariskas Cardiologist, The news was good and bad.
First we'll start on the good news.. The Doctors were pleased with mariska and said she dosent need surgery yet for at least another month, Which gives another wonderful month with her before we take another big step..

The bad news is that the doctors said that she isnt gaining enough weight that she has just gained enough weight that she is just tredding water and that they were ready to put her back on the feeding tube.. Then We told them that she wasnt on the fortified breast milk anymore which they were somewhat suprised with but I think understood when we told them she had a hard time eating it. So they said that we need to put her back on the fortified breast milk.. oh the joy. Also they scheduled appointment with us in a month when she will go and get her E.K.G. and then six weeks from now a Cath, which is when we will get the date of her surgery.

We started her on fortified breastmilk and boy does she hate it. We can get her to actually eat it when she is really hungry then once she eats enough to get her a little full she wont eat anymore and spits the bottle out and get really mad and angry and cries for about 5 mins before we can get her to call down. So with the fortified breast milk she is getting more calories per ounce but is eating much less, which I think is about the same as eating alot of breast milk. Luckily we have found a way to get her to eat more by feeding her half a bottle of fortified breast milk and then the other half regular milk.. Just a Little bit more work but at least she is eating and getting some more calories.

We are so thankful for all the support we have recieved and ask for your prayers that she may gain more weight as we prepare for another long and difficult journey.

Love Sam & Melynda

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