Monday, February 4, 2008


We are going to get the synigis Shot tomorrow. I'm kind of scared. Misky has to have her blood taken, and the last person that did it I think did a really poor job. She was moving the needle alround in her arm. It made me sick, I know how bad this can hurt. I hope we get someone that can stick her get the blood they need and be done. I dont like holding our baby down while someone hurts her. :(
Can you believe all the snow we have gotten, its amazing! When its snowing I'll take Mariska by the window and we'll both watch it fall from the sky. Only bad thing about it is we have to go to SLC tomorrow I really hope the weather is good for us while we're driving. ekk.
Mariska is doing really well. Shes happy most of the time unless shes hungary. Her grandma B went and bought her a few new toys for her to play with. She loves them and they keep her busy for a little while. wish us a safe trip.

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Vanderbeeks said...

I'm sure everyone has their opinions, but the second I saw this photo I thought that at least in this picture she has those Browning eyes!