Monday, February 11, 2008

Already middle of February...

Sorry it's taken me so long to write.. (watch out spell check is not working) Every time we go to see a doctor I get so nervous, I'll try to get Sam to write about all the things the Doctors tell us. My mind goes into over load with too much info. Sad but true.

(Picture.. I let her help me pick what she was going to wear for her synergyst shot visit. She loved it. hehe like loves the color pink, always makes her smile.)

The 4th. Mariska got her her synergyst shot (protects against RSV). We ended up getting the same girl to do the blood draw as last time... uhhhg. She looked at her vains for a while then she went to get some one else do stick her. I was really glad! She was scaring me. She got a guy to help. He showed her the vain she that should work, then he asked her if she wanted to do it. She looked at him in horror and shook her head , kind of felt bad for her. Our Nurse reminded her that Mariska is kind of a hard stick. The guy was a little better. We only got 2 cc out of the 4 to 5 that we needed. Better then last time, we only got one. She didnt scream as hard or for as long for Joel (I think that was his name) He also helped is confort her a lot. AND didnt wiggle the needle all around in her hand. So now we are good for another month. YIPPY. After we did the blood draw we went back to the room. Had a cardiologist come and listen to her heart. He was so much fun, he teased her and her poutty bottom lip, told her it didnt count unless it was a 1/4 in out. So misky made it bigger. haha. I Told her she can tease any doctor just not any of her friends in the OR. He was really nice even got her dressed again, hehe.

The next day I was changing her diaper and asked her if she like the card she saw yesterday cause he was fun or if she wanted to see Dr. Pulver. she said "Pulver" Haha Sam was sitting at the computer looks over at us and said holy cow, she just said Pulver. We couldnt believe it, Talk about funny. I looked at her and ok Pulver it is. Silly little goose.

Her newest trick has been to blow bubbles, and shes starting to droll. I told her today that shes no longer a newborn cause she can blow bubbles and droll and tiny babies dont do that so now shes just a infuent, she didnt like that so I said alsost a big girl. He started to smile and so a silent laugh. so funny. I cant wait for the day when she can make noices when she tries to laugh.

(Picture. When ever we eat something by her she will give us these eyes like I want some did you get me some??? )

Moving.... I started boxing up stuff. Amazing now much stuff you can have hidden in a one bedroom apartment. We are doing pretty good. I have most of the stuff we dont use in boxes. I even numbered them all, and made a list of whats in each box. Yeah, I was a little bored, but this should help when in a month I need something and dont have to open each one to find it. granted I dont loose the list. haha. I took all of the small pictures down. then ended up putting two back up cause it weird to see the walls, so plain and white. besides we are not moving for another week or so. Sam wasnt sure what to think when he came home the other day. so many boxes by the door. It is a bit overwhelming.

(Picture She was mad at me, grumpy eyes.)


(Pictures... She pulled her tube into her mouth... sneeky sneeky.)

Oh tomorrow is my Birthday :0) maybe I'll get out of the house for a little bit. And talk so someone I dont know. just for fun. Mariska see her Dr. Pulver on the 13th. I have to be truefull I'm scared out of my mind. I dont want to hear that she need the surgery Now. I'm not looking forward to the next one. I dont want to do it all over again. Aleast this time we dont have to go threw all the funny stuff we did last time. We can prepare our selves atleast.

(Pictues.. We took off the tube so we could give her a bath and put a new tube on. It was nice to see her face and not fight with the tubing for a change. I love these pictures.)

Mariska has been all smiles. I love waking up each and every day to our sweet Misky moo.

(picture, She love the elephant on her play mat.)

Love, Melynda

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