Thursday, September 30, 2010

Biopsy # 5

Mariska's biopsy on Thursday came back great! Zero rejection =) Wahoo!!!    We took off last weekend on friday to go camping in the Unitas. The weather couldnt have been better, Dare say maybe even to warm? hehe  Misky got to caught 3 fish. She was so excited all week about going camping, and while camping every day she would say "we're camping, i love camping"  Sam even got me to fly fish. Must say think I'll be starting a new hobby next year.

Today we had clinic at PCMC. Her echo looks great. A week or so ago we dropped half of her meds off the list, she was not doing so hot, throwing up everytime she had meds/foods. We've added them all back now she shes doing well. My poor carpet on the other hand took a hit.  We're winging her off from her steroids. prednisone. She has been on .8, and by tomorrow she'll be on .4ml/1.2mg. She'll stay there for a few weeks until the next biopsy then she'll start the wing to be off them!.

Mariska's prograf levels have been almost a guessing game. They are with in range now but still bounce around, depends on how much she eats and if she has runny diapers. *sigh* She'll be off of Vancomycin by monday. not going to miss that bad boy, its made a lot of trouble.

Mariska's energy has slowly come back. Shes almost to her bouncy self again, Shes also eating more and its being digested pretty well. For a while had me very worried.

We're milking this warm fall weather to go and do some fun summery activities, Notinthg like the outdoors.

Thanks to everyone in our ward and friends who have brought dinner in for us. Dont notice how ran down you are until you dont have to fix a meal. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.


Nikki said...

I'm so happy you are getting some good news after the last little bit of scary stuff you've been through!

One Happy Heart Family said...

Wahooo!! Glad she is doing so great!!! I asked my dad and he said it took him about a year to get his prograf levels right!! I remember it was a pain. Glad no rejection and doing fantastic!! Cant wait to get these two girls together for a much needed play date!!!