Friday, September 10, 2010

Almost a week.

Whoops the blog slipped my mind this week. Sorry to those of ya where this is the solo place for updates. Mariska is doing well. Her energy is all back and then some. We did some cultures and she has C-Diff along with the Pneumatosis. yeah.. Its a bacteria with spores thats not killed by wonderful avgard *hand sanitizers*  Lots and lots of hand washing. Before that we came in for Mariska vomiting every 20mins for almost 4 hours.

Her pneumatosis is slowly going away. Her transplant card said we could go home as soon as sunday! I'm not keeping that hope alive. Feels so close. She still needs a clean x-ray before she can start foods again. And the GI team wants to keep a eye on her while she does start.. Have a few words for the GI team that I never see! but guess things are going ok with out feeling like they are in the picture.

Being here for another week after almost a week and a half at home is such a let down. And Costly living here.

We all came down with food poisoning.. or Salmonella. All goes back to Friday night.. Misky and I thought it would be fun to make sugar cookies. Well you have to eat some before... Misky cracked an egg getting to the counter or so I thought. Guess the egg had a crack and she must have made it bigger. We had to run out for something, so I didnt get the counter all sparkling clean. We came home put a watermelon there for a sec. moved it to somewhere else after putting food away. Misky got sick sat, I got sick monday night, Sam and I ate the watermelon monday just after I had gotten sick. It was a huge watermelon so we cut it in half giving it to Sam's parents so it didnt go to waste. Yep I poisoned my in-laws! ha they are better now, but I really do feel bad.

Mariska Loves watching TinkerBell and My little pony's. She also lives her pillow pet Eeyore. Or Ho whore as she calls it. Yeah classy! LOL

She did a little part for a video being made by Pennies by the Inch! Shes a star. Well for a few seconds atleast. She thought it was pretty awesome, She gets to say "Make it Shine" in their theme song. It should come out on Wednesday.

Looking forward to the IHH heart walk tomorrow. Super bummed not being able to take misky, but I really want to go so I'm dragging Sam.


One Happy Heart Family said...

Dang sorry!! That stinks!! Glad things are looking up though!! Glad your able to go to the IHH walk Bryce works and it's just too far away for me!! Hope things keep getting better!!!

Syme Family said...

Hope you can come home soon!

Summer said...

So so sorry!! Praying you get to go home very soon!
Mason's Mommy