Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Juice and water. Ohh yeah!

So her KUB (tummy x-ray) has improved and almost gone. Dr. E came in this morning to say we're going to hold off and wait for a day or two before we start drinking clears... then looked at her PICC line and changed her mind. Its looking bruised, and she just doesnt like how its looking. SO shes getting it pulled once we get her TPN *meal in a bag as we like to say* winged off. Sometime this afternoon that will happen. Then she'll get an IV for one of her heart meds. Things are movin now.

Thanks for all the prayers, =)

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Jones said...

yikes! I was shocked when i caught up on your blog. I am sorry you are back there that is no fun for sure! Are you still in the CICU? or on the floor? Would you like baby Gabe and I to come for a visit? :)