Monday, September 13, 2010

Mom mommy. can I have some?

Yep we're still at the hospital. PCMC. as much as we love it here home would be wonderful. Mariska's pneumatosis is slowly going away. I think it looked almost gone in todays x-ray, but we'll know for sure when the doctors stop by to talk about it.

We still cant get Mariska's Prograf levels right. One day its 10 the next day its 22 then 7 and back to 24. Yesterdays was 26! Almost double where we want her. Funny thing is I think shes back on what she was before all this started. The C-diff seems a little unclear how long it takes to go away. Shes on day 7 out of 10 on the antibiotics for it. might not take that home. The doctors said its just a matter of time before someone gets it being in the hospital for so long. I think she had it before we went home last time. Just to many dirty diapers in a day.

yesterday night she had blood in one of her iv lines. Her lipids that always run. I'm still not sure what really happened it was about 3am. I woke to the nurse changing her beding. thinking maybe she just didnt clamp it or there was something drawing. I looked at her clothing her pillow case was covered, and the whole side of her jammies. Makes me worry how much she lost. I have to fight them to try and not waste her blood. Her blood levels are a bit lower but not low enought to worry about. Gesh. The nurse didnt tell the other nurse or right down how much she might have lost. It was a surprise to the morning nurse when I asked how much. nice huh. Most of the nurses have been awesome.

Mariska keeps saying her tummy is all better and asking in a whisper if she can have just a tiny bit of what we sneak to eat. shes to cute, Its sad not being able to give her just that tiny bit. But her spirits are still high, and shes always giggling or smiling. =0)

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