Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy days at home.

Mariska loves being home. Able to run an play all day. Shes doing very well. Every now and then her little tummy hurts or gets upset but those are rare days. I still take her to PCMC twice a week for labs to be done, and once for clinics. Today she had a check-up. Her echo looks good, they are happy with it. Starting to think about changing to once every two weeks! but not until after her cath in two weeks. They said they'll have Mariska withdrawls. hehe. I'm sure we'll have the same but about them. But will be a much welcomed change.

We're planning to have her IVIG treatments at home! I'm kind of unsure about that. Kind of like keeping the painful things away from home.. but will be nice not having to stay in a small room down at the hospital. Her last treatment she was really good until about Saturday *treatment was on Thursday* She had horrible migraines you could just tell she was in a lot of pain by looking at her eyes. Poor thing. Those never come alone always joined with throwing up, Shes still not back to her normal self since then. Looking forward to our last treatment in December.

She came down on her steroids today again. Now at 2gm .66mls. *down .14ml since the last time* We've kind of grown fond of those little chunky steroid cheeks.

She sure talks a lot more now with this new heart. Picking up more crazy words every day. We can sit and chat about something. has made play time a blast.

Thanks for all the prayers and following us. *We have family photos taken last night so some goodies will be posted soon*


Danielle said...

Sounds like she is doing great, glad you guys are home! :)

Jessika and Josh said...

I'm glad she is doing good! Glad to hear you're home! I bet that is nice! :)

By the way, I'm loving your Halloween music!! :) Makes me happy!