Sunday, June 27, 2010

The call

Got the call/page from the transplant team yesterday around 4pm yesterday. They had a potential donor! a perfect match for her. <3 Sam was just getting home from fishing, Misky and I we're out shopping. This might be a watered down version so forgive me for the mess I'm about to write. ;)

Walked up to the PICU then down to bed 2506 around 5. Hooked Mariska to all the standered monitors. Pulsox, blood pressure, heart leads and an IV. She was super good. Laughed and played with the IV team it was pretty cute. She wasn't such a heart poke being on blood thinners might have helped there.  Talked with most of the picu doctors, then waited for Michelle from transplant to come up and go over the last paper work for us to sign.

Then met with Dr. Kasa *the surgeon* He is such a pleasant person to talk with. He looked at her ECHO and said it gave him chest pain looking at it. ( she is very sick in the inside) He walked by the room, had Sam get me and told the nurse. Are you sure thats the right kid?  Shocked at how well she looks and is very active. Not what he thought he'd see that based on her echo. Said shes the best Hypoplastic he has EVER seen! and ever has pink lips. =)  That is what prayers from all over the world can do. Shes a miracle!
He went over the risks on surgery with us. Said she was 3rd on the list. He got number 2 to back down, they took the bait as he put it. lol. The 1st in line was Standford's little one. Just waiting to see if the size would be ok.   Recovery time looks like 2 weeks in the hospital. (kind of shocking was planning for a month yay!)  Dr. K went over pretty much everything.
My dad wanted to know if we could keep Mariska's old heart ( joked about keeping it over the fireplace or in the meat draw to make my mom crazy. haha love my dad.) He looked at my dad and said "I think you've had to much sun" Think that took the rest of the night to gather that was a no, you dont reallly wanna keep it/ yo crazy! lol at the time it felt like he was just changing the subject. ROFL. He did say how ever he would bring her heart in for us to see!

Around 10 they said the other team is taking the heart. All the doctors said they we're sorry for all the trouble and she didnt get it. Also thought it would be pretty amazing for a lv 2 and only being on the list for less then 3 weeks to get a heart that fast!  Looks like 4th of July will not be viewed form the "house on the hill". We're doing ok with it all. Feels like maybe to ok with it. Wanted to go camping this weekend while we can. =)

Thanks for all the prayers!!  I update more on facebook added a tag. Your more then welcomed to get more of my thoughts there.

Hugs Melynda and Family

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