Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy News.

Had a check up at PCMC today. The team wanted to check her weight and see hows she's doing over all. Shes still on 1/2 liter of  02. -Which has made a world of a difference. Shes back to her happy bouncy giggly self.  We met with Michelle and Emilee they checked her O2 stats76-80 better then the 69 last week. Checked her blood pressure and then off to the scale.

Shes gained 2 ounces in less then a week. She has been a nonstop eating machine!! Granted most of it has been breads and junk like chicken nuggets, fries, pizza donuts and a few CupCakes. Lets not forget how much everyone spoiled her this week =).  Gave up on veggies this week just wanted her to gain some weight. Looks like it payed off. Now back to eating the green stuff.

They talked to Dr. Everett who was pleased with her numbers. Said they didn't want to admit her today.!! YaY!! Soo happy shes doing well enough to be at home. We'll go back on the 1st of July for her "in a month check-up"

Thanks for all the prayers for our family. <3

A heart momma friend of ours took our family photos this week. Thanks so much Lori!!


Jones said...

Big Hugs! I am glad this appointment went well.

Cason Clan said...

Glad to hear things went well... she is so adorable. I love the braid in her hair.

Jessika and Josh said...

Cute pictures! She is such a doll! I'm glad she is doing well! :)