Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oh the new things that have come to stay.

After the last visit to PCMC we thought we we're good on visits for a month or unless an angels heart.
Well thats not the case. Felt odd not to go there for a month! Seems we've been there every other day and if not there we're on the phones with the transplant team. Its going to fast I say...going so very fast, but maybe thats a good thing??

So we find out sometime Today where she is on the Transplant list. *bites nails all day*

Back to the no visits for a month. Well Dr. Everett and the others looked over her ECHOs and didnt like what they saw. Also looked at her blood draws. Her Red blood cells are high. Which means her body isnt getting enough oxygen and is trying to make up for it. *more work for her heart* So they called and said they want to put her on Oxygen.   Any one wanna chase her around with a tube? lol its lots of fun some times!

They also said to come back in on Monday. *feels like I'm was just kicked* They want to weigh her again and check her red blood cells.... And if she hasnt gained anything or lost She will be admitted! Yes Admitted to PCMC. With IV drugs.. SO we'll be in the wonderful ICU. This is a pretty sure she'll be there on Monday.. and doesnt come home with out a new heart. This will put her to the top of the list. trying to think of it as a blessing.

Its all moving so fast its hard to take it all in. Yesterday was another extremely hard day for Sam and I. With lots of tears. Seems as though we never really understood just how sick our little ones heart truly was. We're in the dark no longer.


Thanks for all the kind comments on facebook <3 Melynda

I'll post again later.


Kaidence's Mommy said...

I understand your concerns and fears. It is so scary, even more so when it comes so suddenly. It becomes a blur. Maybe the fast track will be a blessing. K was in the PICU until her heart came. It was a long road, but I am glad that she was listed where she was. Keep your chin up..... prayers are coming your way! Think of the many good things to come in her future!

The Simmons Family said...

I'm so sorry. Keep looking at the positives of the situation. SO glad they caught it now, even if she's admitted, she'll be at the top of the waiting list for her new angel heart. It's a long journey, but SO worth it!