Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another big day tomorrow..

I've put off on making this post for much to long. Heres a fast update to get you all up to speed..

Mariska did Super on her cath. She was happy all that morning, playing with the hospital toys in the waiting rooms. When it was getting close to her turn they gave her a liquid sedation drug. That made her have the super giggles. We walked her back to the cath lab, handed her over to the staff. This time is wasn't as hard with her giggling and being silly.

We waited for about 2 and a half hours when the pager went off saying she was done. Talked to doctor Day on how the cath went. It went smooth. The leaking in her tricuspis *sp?* value he said was mild ( the last echo it was moderate/sever) YAY happy news. Dr. D said there's the a list of 10 things that have to be just right to have the Fontan, he counted 5.. but the cards worked it to get all 10!

He had to go in via the leg artery and in a vein on her neck ( we had forgotten I guess that they took a vessel from her to rebuild her aorta. ) to gain access to every part he needed to check. Said her lungs looked much better then most. Pretty exciting seeing how she had a partly paralyzed diapram after the norwood.

The nurses in the cath lab said she was so funny and wanted her to stay there all day and play with them. =) shes such a people person! <3

Now on our way to recovery. Hard to keep a 2 year old still and not bend there leg. That was a bit of a challenge. Lots of popsicle's ice and anything else she could find to keep her entertained she used it.

Dr. William's came by while in the recovery room (very glad he did, took off a few hours from needing to go down and wait in a room) said he wanted to talk With the board and see how everyone else felt. He presented her that Wednesday... and got back to us.

Now your up to speed. Doctor W called and said they feel TRANSPLANT would be the best thing for her.

Thank you to all of you how fasted and prayed for our family. It has brought so much needed comfort and peace to our minds. The past few weeks have been a roller coaster on emotions. Posting it here felt as tho it is so official. and I've been in half denial about it. Just thinking the word transplant brings a wave of emotions down.

We trust her doctors that this is the best thing for her.

Tomorrow we go and meet with the transplant team. She'll have an ECHO at 8 then she'll have some blood work done. She doesn't have to stay until 4pm with us, So Sam's dad is sweet enough to take her while we're in meetings. We're so blessed with such loving family and friends.

Please pray for her and us for all thats to come. also for misky and I to get over our nasty coughs.

Love Melynda, Sam and Misky Moo


The Simmons Family said...

I don't know if you know me. I am Owen's mom. Our kiddos are the same age, with the same condition and we've read about Misky from the start. We'll be praying for you all as you move forward with Transplant.

We were told when Owen was 10 mo that he would need a transplant instead of the Fontan. It's been almost two years and he's still going strong with his Glenn. We go to Stanford for his transplant care since we live in AZ.

It's scary to hear the words "transplant" when you know your baby is doing so well!!

Thinking of you guys!!

One Happy Heart Family said...

Praying things go great today!!! Thanks for updating :p She is such a big girl in all the pictures she does such a wonderful job!!! Let me know how things go? I disabled my FB account (spend too much time farming lol) I really really hope today goes so good for you let me know if there is anything I can do or if you just need to chat???