Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cardiac catheterization tomorrow.

AKA heart cath. Boy oh boy the day is almost here. We've prayed fasted, and prayed a whole lot for things to go well tomorrow. The cath part in its self to me is the least of the worries. Its the news coming after it.

Pray for her that the news is good, and for the cath to go smoothly.
For those of you who have talked to me today, I must say I'm sorry for being such a nervous mess! =) haha

Her Cath is set for 7:30am. We'll be there by 6.

No slumber parties at PCMC for Misky tomorrow. =D yay. Just need to hang around for 4-6 hours after then we're home free. I'll update tomorrow again on how it went.



Emily@Little Forever Family said...

She will be in our prayers tonight!!! Praying for good news!!!

Liam Lockhart said...

How did the Cath go? I hope everything went well. Liam goes to his Cardiologist on Monday to check him over and see if he gained the weight needed for the Fontan. If he has then they will be scheduling his surgery this summer. It makes me soo nervous i know he has to have the surgery but im scared at the same time. Liam has grown into a little person talking and making funnies lol Mariska has grown up soo much i love her hair!!! I need to start updating more pics of him, I will update about his Cardio appt Monday. Hope all is well
Heart Hugs,
Sarah and Liam 2½ years HLHS and Coronary Sinusoids