Monday, May 3, 2010

Easter Fun!

Growing baby watermelons. Planted them on Earth Day and here's how they look now.

Mariska so wants to go swimming. put on all the old swimming suits and walked around the house asking when it was time to "kick and kick in the water"

Car ride to Idaho. She needed a nap but didn't want one. Had to show off that bottom lip.

Life threw the eyes of Misky

Silly girl playing with the camera again.

Sitting with Grandma & Pa Anderson's Cat. She is the biggest animal lover in the world!

Sleepy after a wedding being silly for her grandparents.

Little miss I believe that is your zipper.
Easter morning. Yeah candy for breakfast wasn't the best way to start that day.

Easter Egg Hunt at the city park. Boy was it cold that day. At least the 2 feet of snow melted.
being the wonderful helper she is, returning the plastic eggs to be used again next year.
Easter egg hunt at Sam's parents house.

The Three youngest girls. They sure did get a ton of candy.

All the girls cousins.

Coloring eggs. She was so proud of her eggs, everyone who came over HAD to be shown her Pretty pretty's.
I'm so grateful for my wonderful families. We have been so blessed with people in our lives who truly love us and would do anything to help. It means the world.
Mariska has her Cath this Friday the 7th. We're planning to fast weds-Thurs. Anyone who would like is welcomed to join. This cath will tell us a lot. Will she be able to have the Fontan, or need a transplant. Its such a sickening thought going to the hospital for either of those. Mariska is in the Lords hands, I have faith no matter the out come she is taken care of. We'll need lots and lots of prayers on Friday. =)
Her new favorite movie is The Incredibles, haha I have no clue why. Silly girl. So full of life always giggling or making silly faces. She knows what she wants and is able to sweet talk her way into getting it. Every night she says her prayers I want to record what her sweet 2 year old words. We help her get started then she takes over with: Thank you for papa and Blix (my brothers huge dog) And the bite ( my parents dog bit her finger a few weeks back) and water and kick and kick. Then a few new things every time. Goofy. I've rambled on enough.
Hugs Melynda
Hope you enjoyed the pictures

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